Peace! Time to Hit the Road.

It’s been one month since my last day of work. I wish I could say, “I haven’t had this much free time in YEARS!” or “It’s been SO relaxing.” The first statement would be sort of true but the second statement, not so much.

The truth is, we don’t have much to show for the last few weeks we’ve had off work. No island hopping, epic hikes, or jaw dropping vistas…yet. But we’ve been busy. Promise. Yes, I’ve slept in almost every day (and it’s GLORIOUS!) and yes, we’ve been sitting at tables for our meals (as opposed to at our desks) but there are tons of logistics to sort out when you get married, quit your jobs, move out, and try to come up with a rough plan for traveling for an extensive amount of time. So what have we been doing?

Figuring out health care for our situation – I lost health insurance coverage. Trying to find the best and most reasonable health insurance for our situation has been a nightmare. We take risks – but not when it comes to medical coverage.

Sorting out where to store all of our shit – I’m not quite at the point of throwing our stuff into a pile, dowsing it in lighter fluid, and setting it on fire – but I’m pretty freaking close. When did we accumulate so much stuff? Where did it all come from and why do we have it? Do we even need it? These are all questions we asked ourselves while spending 40+ hours actively packing and moving. In good news – Dan’s biceps are HUGE right now.

Outfitting our car – We’re trying to make our Toyota Highlander sleepable to save money on accommodations. Any night we can comfortably sleep in our car is another night we can add to our trip somewhere down the road. More on car camping later.

More car work – Getting our subframe fixed, replacing the spare, setting up our navigation/entertainment system (thanks Mom and Dad!), installing a backup camera, putting in a cargo hitch and rooftop storage, etc. We bought a beater on Craigslist last August but saved a ton of money by going used. It’s come with headaches but we’re learning a lot in the process.

Working – Dan is still doing work part time for his company, an opportunity we’re very grateful for.

Putting together this website – I probably could have gone an easier route, but I went with a self hosted site so I could learn a skill that may (or may not) come in handy someday.

Research – Infinite hours can be spent researching where to go, where to stay, what to do, how much it will cost, etc. This is my favorite part and I tend to get lost in books and on the web when doing this. We have a decent idea of where we want to go and when – but we haven’t bought any plane tickets or booked any accommodations. It’ll all come together though.

Watching the weather and foliage reports – Another unseasonably warm fall has left the leaves unchanged in the areas we wanted to go to first.

But the time has finally come to leave the comforts of my parents basement and hit the road.

First stop?

Somewhere in the mountains of North Carolina.

Where exactly?

Not sure.

Come on leaves! POP!


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  1. So exciting! Have a wonderful and safe drive to the NC mountains!😘

  2. Grace Martinez says: Reply

    So thrilled for you guys! Enjoy your travels and be safe! Keep us updated.

  3. Thank you for hosting this blog so we can follow your adventures from afar!

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