Why Ecuador?

TelefériQo Quito
We’re here in Ecuador now and quite frankly, it was never on our radar before a few months ago. So why Ecuador?
  1. Galápagos Islands – Duh. I saw my first glimpses of the Galápagos Islands when I watched Master and the Commander in theaters in 2003. Where is this magical place? I told myself I would go there someday. After doing research on costs and realizing how expensive it actually is to visit the islands, I said, “Hmmmm – maybe for a special occasion. Maybe for my honeymoon?” This was before I even met Dan.
  2. It’s Shoulder Season – January through May is high season in the Galápagos meaning we could possibly save thousands of dollars on a cruise that isn’t filled to capacity during the low and shoulder seasons. We’ll write about that experience AFTER the cruise.
  3. Affordability – Hotels = $30-50 per night. Beers = $1-2. Meals = $3-7. Flights to Quito are <$500 from the states and often a LOT cheaper.
  4. Outdoor Activities Galore – Cities (for urban hiking!), beaches, the Amazon, and Andes – there’s so much to see and explore.
  5. Transportation – The bus system is solid in this country. We paid $0.25 each to get around Quito and $2 each to travel to a town >2 hours away. Being able to get around and for cheap was a major selling point.
  6. Friendly People – We had read that people in Ecuador are friendly and it’s true! Everyone has been so hospitable and kind.
  7. We Have Time – This seems to be a country you need time to explore. It takes time to travel between places. A week of PTO won’t cut it. Ecuador seemed like a perfect country to wander through and because of it’s size (about the size of Nevada), we are able to see so much of it in a month.
  8. U.S. Dollar – The U.S. dollar is the official currency of Ecuador. While this is a minor factor, it has been very convenient.
  9. Weather – After being at the beach for a month, we were ready for something cooler – just not THAT much cooler. It was in the 60-70 degrees in Quito and 35-65 degrees in the Central Highlands (where we are now!) It should be 65-75 degrees while we’re in the Galapagos.
  10. The Unknown – A few months ago, we knew NOTHING about Ecuador. I knew the capital was Quito, but that’s it! I don’t even think I realized the Galápagos was part of Ecuador. Everyone here seems to know that the American holiday of Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but before this trip, I don’t think I could even tell you about any holidays or historical events of Ecuador. It’s embarrassing, really. What better way to learn about a country than visiting it?
Today we are in Chugchilán, Ecuador after hiking here from the Quilatoa Crater. We incorporated today into our schedule as a “rest day” and I’m SO glad we did because every muscle in my body is sore for yesterday’s hike. Hoping some R&R and Turkish Sauna time will help.

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  1. From the freezing city of Herndon, its good to hear you are nice and warm. Surprised to know about their currency. Continue the adventure and please, keep us posted! Be safe you two!!!

    1. So far it’s been great! One of our favorite countries visited. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. We missed everyone and all the good food!

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