A New Kind of Travel – Baños, Ecuador

Banos Agua de Santa Ecuador

Our vacations are typically aggressive. We are THOSE people. The annoying people that say “I need a vacation from my vacation.” It’s a privileged statement and we recognize that but anyone who’s traveled to some far off land for a week at a time knows the feeling. You spend your precious and limited PTO to buy flights that aren’t cheap so you try to make the best of your time. You build an itinerary to ensure the trip and time-off is worth it,

“Let’s take the red-eye home on Monday morning. That way we’ll have all of Sunday to explore. We can go straight into the office from the airport!”
“Must hit the top 5 on “Things to Do” on Trip-Advisor.”

“Lets make sure we eat at this spot. It has 4.5 stars after 1,024 reviews!”

“There’s a festival while we’re in town. Lets go to that!”

You may only work 40 hours a week at your day job, but being on vacation is full-time. You experience FOMO while catching your breath in your hotel bed after an 8 hour walking tour of the city and still force yourself to get dressed for a night out because,

“It’s Thursday! Happy hour specials all night on Thursdays!”

We usually spend the week AFTER a vacation trying to catch up on lost sleep. Maybe travel isn’t like that for everyone but that’s how it was for us MOST trips (with the exception of our trips to Florida hence why we LOVE Florida.) So when we arrived in Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador after staying in 7 different places over 10 days, we decided to try something new and chill the fuck out.

We almost spent an entire day without leaving our Airbnb. Dan made juice from scratch. I wrote in my journal. We sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast and drinking coffee for almost 2 hours. We wrote emails to friends and family back home. Dan listened to his book on tape. I listened to podcasts. I edited photos. We spent almost an entire day in another country living a slower life than we ever did back home.

We still had an adventure in Baños, but at our own pace, no FOMO allowed.

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