Portugal – This is Going to be Easy

Miradouro da nossa senhora do monte

Many factors go into deciding on a destination. Time of year, weather, flight prices, accommodations, food, beer, festivals, language, culture, landscapes, safety, and so on – but I’m convinced that we’d find something to love about just about anywhere. The world is big and we aren’t very picky so deciding on a destination can be difficult. So when our close friends, Adam and Nassim, decided they would get married in a castle in Portugal, we thanked them. They made the decision easy for us. We were going to Portugal!

After spending so much time in South East Asia, our first thought after landing in Lisbon was, “This is going to be easy.” Followed by:

  • We can drink the water!
  • We can put toilet paper IN the toilet.
  • There’s air conditioning.
  • There’s hot water.
  • People speak English.
  • The streets are lit at night.
  • We can use our credit card everywhere.
  • There are grocery stores with refrigeration.
  • There’s a beer selection.

Dan and I had never been to Europe together before and after some of the other places we had visited, Portugal really had us feeling spoiled. In Portugal,

  • We can read reviews about places.
  • Menus are in English.
  • There’s no question about the freshness of the food.
  • There aren’t aggressive stray dogs to avoid.
  • An ambulance can reach us if we’re in trouble.
  • Restrooms are readily available.
  • Maps are detailed and trails are marked.
  • The roads are paved.
  • People stop at the stop signs.
  • There are no hawkers to dodge.
  • The price is the price. No need to haggle.

Lisbon was romantic, our friends’ wedding in Estoril was as if it was out of a fairy tale, and our road trip down to the Algarve region was the most convenient road trips we had ever taken. A small part of us missed the unpredictability and adventure of some of the other places we’d visited but there were many times on this trip when we said, “Now THIS feels like a honeymoon.”

More about our Portuguese road trip coming soon.

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