Happy New Year 2020!

I’m back at it and it’s almost like I never left. I attended a company holiday party with my new/old employer, and some people didn’t know I left. They just thought I hadn’t been around their sites in a while. My first day of work, I was already doing work. I wasn’t sitting through an orientation, waiting for a laptop, ordering office supplies, or doing the typical “first day” tasks. I was doing REAL work on Day 1. Nothing will make you feel like a year has gone by in a blink of an eye than whipping out old work files.

But like I said, it’s almost like I never left. Some things have changed. The heavy civil construction company I worked for before our time off sold off their plants and paving division while I was gone, splitting the company I had known for my entire career in two. When I returned, I had the opportunity to pick a side or go somewhere new — like a career version of White Elephant. I decided to go with something I could see, the side I knew best. Some of the people in charge are different. The benefits have changed. My role is different. My commute is different. I’m different. But there’s just enough familiarity there that I don’t need to start over completely.

The past year of travel and time away from work has been an anomaly in the decades of work we’ve put into our education, careers, and relationships. One year, a fraction of our lives, lived day by day on our own terms, won’t reverse that. But what it has done has offered perspective. Traveling the world and meeting people outside our circle has shown us a reality about the world we would have never seen living inside our bubble. We’ve seen what makes America great but also where we could do better. We hope to apply the lessons we learned to how we chose to live this next chapter of our lives. 

We’re excited for 2020. It will be VERY different from 2019. It will take some adjusting back to the reduction of free time, but we’re no longer full time travelers eating into our savings. Once again, we are “weekend warriors” working hard and making money — but saving time for fun on the side. We hope 2020 brings us health and happiness no matter what the recipe. We wish the same to our friends and family. Happy New Year!!!

A major ingredient in our recipe for happiness = Florida sunshine.

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