Who Are We?

We are Dan and Christine.

We are two civil engineers who worked in the construction industry for 8-10 years after college. We worked hard at our jobs but always saved plenty of time for play whether it be after work, on weekends, or EVERY LAST MINUTE of PTO.

Recently married and after 8 years of long days (and nights) at work, long car rides to the mountains on long weekends, and long nights of little sleep in attempt to see everybody, explore everywhere, and do everything – now is a better time than ever to shift our focus. After lots of years of dreaming and a little bit of planning, we decided to hit “pause” on our careers to gain the time needed to see the people, explore the places, and to do the things that we always rushed to leave behind for a good nights sleep and a productive days work. With our careers on “pause”, we can hit “play” on everything else.

We intend to use this website to write about our experiences, old and new, not only to keep friends and family in the loop but to take a shot at something new. In addition to writing, traveling, and taking photos – Christine is most looking forward to eating breakfast at a table. Dan is most looking forward to reading books, studying maps, and making Christine breakfast. Call it a honeymoon, a sabbatical, “time-off”, or whatever – we’re really just doing us – Dan and Christine.

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